Using Telemedicine during COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

During these crucial times of uncertainty and social distancing, Telemedicine is proving to ease the anxiety by bridging a gap between doctors and patients. As the world is taking drastic measures to flatten the curve of COVID-19 Pandemic, Telemedicine is stepping up as a key to safe and effective doctor-patient communications. This version of healthcare delivery promises safety and clinical efficiency as doctors and patients work together to curb the spread of the Novel Coronavirus.

Telemedicine in the time of COVID-19

Telemedicine technology has been around for quite many years but with slow and gradual adoption by stakeholders. It was often dubbed as the “Future of Healthcare Delivery”. With COVID-19 scenario, telemedicine adoption is being leap frogged at an exponential rate across all geographies and economies.

As of now, telemedicine is one of the most effective healthcare services that promises precaution, prevention and treatment to stem the spread of COVID-19. By bridging the gap between patients, physicians and health systems, it enables everyone to stay at home while staying connected with the healthcare force. By communicating with physicians through this virtual channel, people don’t only get access to the right healthcare advice but it also gives them peace of mind that help is just a few clicks away. As a result, this healthcare service is directly impacting towards “flattening the curve”. Not only that, but with this mode of healthcare, doctors don’t have to deal with dozens of people swarming the OPDs and can pay more attention to patients who require critical healthcare. It is also being used as a mental health support tool for front line health workers and people who are suffering from anxiety due to the current situation.

Minimizing the infection risks for healthcare workers

Telemedicine mode ensures that appropriate measures are being taken to minimize the risk of infections in doctors, nurses and the hospital staff. As most of the medics are working tirelessly from ground zero, the not-at-risk patients can stay home and monitor their health without contributing towards the transmission of this virus. Doctors can observe the health status of such patients through a telemedicine tool and can take appropriate actions if there is a change in the clinical state of these patients.

Telemedicine beyond the Pandemic

Telemedicine wasn’t greatly recognized before these demanding times.  COVID-19 pandemic has proven that this mode of digital healthcare can be highly effective and can help share the healthcare burden to a great extent. Its wide acceptance and adoption would continue to grow beyond the Pandemic even when our lives return to normal.

World Health Organization (WHO) has encouraged the liberal use of Telemedicine tools in response to this global pandemic. Being one of the first and foremost platforms in this region powering virtual care for health systems, CloudClinik remains committed to being a front-line resource in this pandemic. With our easy-to-use App and Portal, we play our part to help our customers, healthcare industry and patients towards the accessibility and continuity of reliable healthcare.


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