Electronic Medical Records (EMR) & Importance of Immunization

World Immunization Week is celebrated each year at the end of April to help reiterate the importance of  immunization for all children particularly those who are consistently barred. 

Immunization is the key to protect children from dangerous diseases. Each year, more than 2 million children die from just four illnesses: malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea caused by rotavirus, and Japanese encephalitis.

Why Immunization ?

  • They lower the risk of other diseases
  • They keep healthier longer
  • They are relatively easy to deliver
  • They prevent diseases where medical treatment isn’t an option
  • They continue to evolve
  • They save children’s lives

Around 2- 2.5 million children worldwide die of preventable diseases. Vaccinations have allowed more children to see their first birthdays which was problem in previous years. However there are various developing countries in the world that still have large number of deaths because of the unavailability / stigma & lack of awareness about immunization.

Documenting vaccination & EMR

Both vaccination/immunization providers and doctors require the documentation of your prior vaccines to complete your shot cycle or give you a treatment for an ailment. A lot of times patients vaguely remember the dates and time of their last vaccine shot which makes treatment difficult. If records with documentation cannot be located the patient especially children are considered susceptible to the disease and usually results in starting the treatment all over again. In general, not ideal, over dose of vaccination does not pose any health risk but certain shots increase risk of adverse reactions.

A study published in Archives of Internal Medicine reports that EMR(electronic medical record systems) reminders increase pneumococcal vaccination rates by 50% and raises influenza vaccination rates 20% compared with usual care. The immunization recording is not a feature of all EMR systems in the market but certain EMR systems like CloudClinik let parents track their child’s and clinicians record their patients’ earliest shot, the time when the vaccine cycle started, the  next recommended date and the over due dates.

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