Testimonial from Dr. Yousef Kayyali of AKMC

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are certainly the talk in medical offices these days. Those who are thinking about going digital may have heard that it will make them less useful and have long implementation timetables. But how much of their productivity actually suffers? It all depends on the method of integration of medical transcription services. Being in the healthcare field for years may involve having thousands if not millions of medical records. Al Kayyali Medical Centre has embraced the services offered by CloudClinik for the improvement of medical records in the centre.  They were introduced to electronic health records to store clinical information in electronic format, that it makes it easy for doctors to share patient health information.

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Featured Center: Al Kayyali Medical Center

Medical centers grow alongside growing communities and a rising population. Every place has its own unique qualities; similarly, the city of Doha in Qatar has an exemplary medical center that is worth looking into. A great multi-specialty health facility meets the diverse needs of patients by offering high quality medical care. This is what Al Kayyali Medical Center (AKMC) is providing for the citizens of Doha.

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