Testimonial from Dr. Yousef Kayyali of AKMC

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are certainly the talk in medical offices these days. Those who are thinking about going digital may have heard that it will make them less useful and have long implementation timetables. But how much of their productivity actually suffers? It all depends on the method of integration of medical transcription services. Being in the healthcare field for years may involve having thousands if not millions of medical records. Al Kayyali Medical Centre has embraced the services offered by CloudClinik for the improvement of medical records in the centre.  They were introduced to electronic health records to store clinical information in electronic format, that it makes it easy for doctors to share patient health information.

This was, in fact, appealing to them because with the advancement of today’s technologies, there was no reason for the medical field to be left behind, let alone a medical center in a very progressive city. Most organizations have used technology to their advantage and have had innumerable positive results from its use including the medical profession. They have found the importance of the services of a company that will help deliver improved and faster patient care through an electronic health recording system.

Below is a testimonial from Dr. Yousef Kayyali (Clinical Director) as to how CloudClinik has helped Al Kayyali Medical Center achieve their vision of a high-tech and modern facility:

Dr. Yousef Kayyali, Clinical Director
Dr. Yousef Kayyali, Clinical Director

Al Kayyali Medical Centre started as a one-doctor paediatrics clinic in 1995, and has grown since then to a medium size health facility housing 15 doctors of various specialities, an immunisation unit, a lab, and a pharmacy. We are in the process of expanding into a state of the art 3000 sq meter branch in the next year, which will witness further focus on needed healthcare services in Qatar.

Of all the challenges we faced during that period, upgrading our medical record system was one of the steepest obstacles. Not only did we need to digitise patient data into a capable electronic medical record system, but that system had to be intuitive, easily deployable, compliant with SCH mandates and regulations including a full-fledged printable paper trail, and most importantly fully capable of turning the familiar diagnoses and procedures that the doctors click on-screen, into a comprehensive coded minimum data set according to an international coding standard, that the -then in planning phase- National Health Insurance Company in Qatar was said to follow when deployed. The EMR solutions available in the market fell very short of their makers’ claims, well before getting to our requirements.

In fairness it was CloudClinik’s able marketing team that found us, and the speed and dedication with which they operated stood in stark contrast to the dull pace we had come to expect in the local market. Our needs were quickly assessed and a comprehensive plan was drafted that covered everything from networking hardware infrastructure mapping, to the number of human mouse clicks required for each function. Through the short period that followed CloudClinik’s team was a daily presence in our centre to ensure a seamless transition, and their responsiveness to our needs and recommendations seldom took more than a few days to manifest. Besides what we as a centre thought needed implementing, the team behind CloudClinik surprised us periodically with extra functionalities and fine-tuning that we hadn’t envisioned, but that had come to benefit us nevertheless. We can confidently say that CloudClinik stands alone on its feet as a powerful and all-inclusive EMR, even without the ICD-10-AU coding functionality.

The real test to the efforts put behind the product came with the commencement of our collaboration with SEHA-NHIC, and the rolling of insurance claim cycles, and CloudClinik passed with flying colours. We are approaching the one year mark with SEHA and CloudClinik has been the cornerstone of our framework to accommodate the company’s requirements. It hasn’t failed us once, and that is in spite of the repeated glitches in SEHA/NHIC’s technical operations, something CloudClinik’s team circumvented by being in constant touch with the technical department in the aforementioned companies, to try and make our insurance team’s job easier. CloudClinik’s unique success was further confirmed by the immense challenges faced by other medical facilities using other solutions, as it transpired during periodic joint meetings that SEHA organises.

The core functionalities of CloudClinik are unparalleled in Qatar, but the after sale service and responsiveness is light years ahead of the other solutions we’ve looked at, and is at an international level. We would highly recommend the product even for medical facilities with existing solutions, and we’re confident that CloudClinik’s team will display the same enthusiasm and professionalism that they have shown us and the other medical centres that we’ve recommended CloudClinik for.

We would like to thank CloudClinik’s team and management as represented by Mr. Sajjad Kirmani, Mr. Muhammad Akram, Mr. Aftab Arif, Mr. Kashif Ayyaz, and Mr. Arjay Legere for their continued hard work and perseverance in a young and unpredictable market, and their commitment to their customers. They have set a high bar of excellence and it is a continued pleasure to witness them live up to that bar time and again.

Dr. Yousef Kayyali
Clinical Director

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