Featured Center: Al Kayyali Medical Center

Medical centers grow alongside growing communities and a rising population. Every place has its own unique qualities; similarly, the city of Doha in Qatar has an exemplary medical center that is worth looking into. A great multi-specialty health facility meets the diverse needs of patients by offering high quality medical care. This is what Al Kayyali Medical Center (AKMC) is providing for the citizens of Doha.

Catering to the medical needs of the citizens of the city, the Al Kayyali Medical Center has been doing so since its inception in 1994. AKMC started with a focus in Pediatrics, and continues to do so to this very day. Before 1994, owner of AKMC Dr. Mannar Kayyali has been a consultant in the Hamad Hospital for ten years. He is also the 2nd private Pediatrician in the country. With the medical center being owned by a practicing doctor, patients are rest assured to receive the best medical service that suits their needs.

Dr. Mannar Kayyali practiced Pediatrics as the only physician in AKMC from 1994, until other doctors were added in 2004. Prior to that year, the medical center first operated in Al Sadd. They then moved to Madinat Khalifa where they continued to expand. Today, the center hosts 16 remarkable health practitioners with specializations in Pediatrics, Dermatology, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Dentistry, Orthodontics and ENT. Besides health professionals, AKMC offers its patients access to the pharmacy which is situated inside the medical center.

Through modern equipment and a variety of practitioners, AKMC provides the best healthcare to the people in Doha. AKMC is a top medical center not only because of their work but also of the ethics they observe. This comprehensive medical facility provides a wide array of medical programs that extend beyond the standard range due to one of its chief goals of setting aside the commercial aspect as the least priority over its patients. They put emphasis on the needs of the patients above anything else. It is for this reason that this establishment plays a significant part in the life of the city.

Al Kayyali Medical Center has:

  • Proper healthcare resources to address different aspects of health and medical services
  • Up-to-date imaging facilities for dental services
  • Highly professional and well-trained doctors and providers
  • Sustained growth of excellent doctors
Playground for your little ones.
Playground for your little ones.

CloudClinik EMR has been a part of Al Kayyali Medical Center’s growth since 2013. In line with AKMC’s vision of putting the patient first, CloudClinik has made writing of a medical record easier and faster. With a feature like the Ordered Set, Doctors can pre-write a template prescription which they can apply to a prescription with a single click. Through this method, doctors save time by focusing more on the patient rather than the documentation.

The medical center has a lot in store for the future. With the growing population in the city, they plan to expand more to meet the increasing demands. They always look for good professionals to join the team in delivering the best services to their patients. With their hopes of expansion, they desire to focus on Pediatrics as they expect to bring in a number of great practitioners and replicate the model that they have.
Al Kayyali Medical Center understands the importance of providing comprehensive healthcare to its varied, growing community. AKMC provides patients with the individual care needed from a group of skilled healthcare professionals committed to caring for the diverse needs of their patients. The country not only became a tourist attraction but a core for prime medical centers as well.

Al Kayyali Medical Center is Open from
Saturday to Thursday – 9am to 1pm
Saturday to Wednesday – 5pm to 9pm

You can schedule an appointment by calling this number: 4486 4906

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Current Roster of Doctors Are:

  • Mohamad Manar Abdulbadieh Kayyali, Pediatrician
  • Moustafa Knajou Kayyali, General Practinioner Dentist
  • Ammar Gaze Hasan, ENT
  • Reem Kanawati, Diabetes & Edoconology
  • Omar Mossa Alhamo, Orthodontist
  • Shireen Rafat Khalil, Consultant in Dematology Cosmetic
  • AlShima Almazoghi, Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Muhamad Murhaf Al Dabbagh, Pediatrician
  • Haya Saeed Al-Kuwaari, Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Maha Abdelmonem Elkader, GP Pediatrician
  • Marwah Adnan Daboul, Dermatologist

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