6 Reasons to start using EMR at your clinic

An EMR (Electronic Medical Records) is a tool that eliminates paper files from your practice and brings all your practice information at your fingertips. All you need is a device and an internet connection and you’re all set to manage your practice online with state of the art technology making your clinic a trendsetter in the healthcare sector.

Whether you are (i) running a paper based practice (ii) using a server based software or (iii) maintaining no medical records, here are 6 reasons why you need to switch to CloudClinik’s EMR today:

  • One Click Prescriptions

Writing a new prescription for every patient can be a hassle sometimes. CloudClinik helps by offering One Click prescriptions. This prescription will include diagnosis, treatment, medications etc. The prescription will be saved online with both the patient and doctor having rights to access the information anywhere, anytime. And YES, it can also be printed on a paper with your practice logo and information.

  • Online Appointment Scheduling

CloudClinik’s EMR empowers you and your patients to book appointments online. Doctor schedules will be available online for patients and they will receive SMS & email reminders as soon as they have booked an appointment. Doctors can view their updated schedules at any time through just a few taps/clicks on their Laptop/Mobile Phone.

  • Comprehensive Reporting & Analysis

Other than the clinical workflow automation, CloudClinik’s EMR also takes care of the administrative side of your facility. Within a few clicks, you can view all your stats within a given time period such as clinic’s revenue, most diagnosed disease, common procedures, patient wise stats and filtered reports to give you an in-depth analysis of all aspects of your practice.

  • No Additional Hardware

The best thing about a cloud based EMR like CloudClinik is that there is no need to install any additional hardware. As long as you have a device (Mobile/laptop/desktop/tablet) and an internet connection you can switch to EMR in a day.

  • No Upfront Investment

Unlike any other medical records software that will take a considerable time, cost and energy to get implemented, CloudClinik is a ready to use software with no upfront cost and only affordable monthly payments to manage your clinic on the go.

  • Reliable Customer Support

CloudClinik has a client support system that can be relied upon at any time. All support tickets are resolved through a single call and continuous follow ups are conducted until it is ensured that the user is at ease.

To sum it all up, CloudClinik’s EMR solution is an all in one solution that streamlines practice workflows increasing the efficiency and saving considerable administrative costs at your practice.

Reserve your free trial today! See how CloudClinik can serve your practice.

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