Dr. Genan of Dijla Dental Center talks about CloudClinik

“Our entire staff likes the system because it is simple, easy and covers all our business requirements”
Dr Genan Al-Shakhly, Medical Director, Dijla Dental Center met with CloudClinik EMR Executive team and shared her views and experience about the usage of software at their state of the art dental facility.
“It is hard to change your file system but with CloudClinik it smooth and easy. CloudClinik is complete medical software meant for reception, doctors and payments as well as statistics for accounting. All the modules are easy, highly arranged and precisely programmed.
Although it was not integrated with Seha at the beginning but the smart experts of CloudClinik have made everything convenient within a short period of time. We have great trust in their ability and capacity to implement the system, training of users and supporting the system locally.
CloudClinik team listens seriously and responds proficiently and quickly. They have worked hard to reach the end of developing a medical system presenting the ICD-10-AM as diagnosis code and ACHI codes for procedures. The Software  makes all doctors happy as it is easy to use and they can quickly to register their information as well as generating patient MDS as per Seha recommendations (electronically generated with precision). We have daily and monthly reports and many other statistical records which are implemented in the system.
Our entire staff likes the system because it is simple, easy and covers all our business requirements.
I wish them all the success in future.”
Dijla Dental Center is one of the early adopters of CloudClinik EMR in Doha, Qatar.
For further details, please visit CloudClinik.QA


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